Our Process

Step 1: Cell Body


The first operation involves a deep communication with our clients which will help us investigate further into your field of activity and how to solve your technical problem or how to reach a greater performance for your business. Our team will analyze the statistics of the present marketplace and the particularities that will offer your business an advantage among your competitors, using the best tactics.


Just as the nucleus is the primary part of the neuron, the research phase is the most important part of our process. We begin our journey with the research which constitutes in gathering all the necessary data regarding the field in which we will be working on the project.


After all the required information was accumulated during our research phase, we’re moving to the next one, which is planning. Together, we determine the available resources of the marketplace and fix a specific result that we aim to achieve within a precise time frame.


During this step, we will begin with the colors and the design of the website and cover more complex factors such as the market of the activity area and competition. By going through all this details during the planning phase, we will be able to create a website up to date with everything that is happening in the respective niche and cover what it might be missing.


Step 2: Dendrites

Design & Development
Optimization & Security

Our technical process of creating the website begins with the design, the first dendrite of our neuron. We will start with choosing one of three logo recommendations. After the logo is set we will move on to the actual design of the website, where we will decide how the website is going to look.


The next step will be the development dendrite which consists of coding and technical aspects of the website. We will take it from here. In the development dendrite, we do not only build the website but we are going to take care of the basic things which represent the foundation of the SEO. This will be explained in the AXON step.


In the optimization process we are going to ensure that the website is loading fast from anywhere regardless of the internet connection. Another step we take during our optimization process is to offer the user the possibility to interact with the website not only on computer but on mobile devices or tablets as well.


Like any other organism, our neuron is going to be exposed to a number of threats such as viruses or hackers. In this step, we make sure that our neuron (website) is fully protected against these threats. We are working with secure servers and platforms and, above that, our code is built to protect the website and updated regularly (to keep up with new threats which might appear in the future). All these measures are necessary in order to provide full protection for your website.

Step 3: Axon


QA stands for Quality Assurance. It means that your website must have its design properly displayed on every browser or mobile device. We want to give your users the best experience when using your website. To deliver this we use tools like Browser Stack to identify issues and solve them before launching.

Social Media

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization comes with two versions, on-site and off-site. We provide you with the on-site version which includes optimization for both content and HTML source code of a page. Why do you want this? SEO is how your website is seen by search engines and we only want the best for you.


Social Media We want everyone to see your business and the best way to do this is through social media. We create and maintain accounts for various popular social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram etc.) so your website can be seen across the entire internet.

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